“My Specialty…..bringing your dream ceremony to life!”

Chances are if you have found this site, you are either considering getting married in the not too distant future or, you are planning a baby blessing or christening ceremony to welcome and share your new little angel with the world.  In either case, I am thrilled you’ve stopped by!

I have had the honour and privilege of being a significant part of many happy couples’ lives for ten wonderful years.  I have officiated hundreds of unique wedding ceremonies and baby blessings, and I can tell you one thing is true; it never gets ‘old’.   Someone asked me the other day “Don’t you ever get bored of saying the same thing?”  I was taken aback by the question because I realized for the first time that this poor woman had never had the opportunity to experience a ceremony that was truly unique and personal!  Unfortunately, she had only attended the ‘standard’ wedding ceremony where the words are the same no matter how individual the couple.  I couldn’t help but think how sad it was not to have experienced something so wonderful and more importantly, so memorable.

I would have to say that one of the greatest compliments I have received over the years is how warm, friendly & personable I am; and how much that feeling comes across in the ceremonies I write and then present to the happy couple and their guests.  To me, what’s the point of inviting family & friends (sometimes from thousands of miles away) to your special day if it’s going to be the same old boring ceremony you see on TV and the movies.  Why not create something totally unexpected that not only you, the happy couple, will talk about for months and years to come, but one that your guests will remind you of every time they see you, long after you’ve celebrated your first anniversary together.

I have made it my mission to get to know couples who want a truly intimate experience on their wedding day. I pride myself in capturing their thoughts, feeling and desires, and presenting them in a way that leaves a lasting impression long after their special day has come to an end.   After all, isn’t planning a wedding a huge undertaking; almost like having a part time job?  Doesn’t it just make sense that after all that time and effort, you would want the memory to last for months if not years?  And when guests are talking about your wedding, don’t you want them gushing about how fabulous it was; from the moment they enter the ceremony site….to the ‘last call’ from the bar?

If what you’ve read here resonates with you and you feel a sense of relief in your heart right now (because you have finally found someone who understands you and ‘has your back’ in creating the ceremony you want), then we need to talk!  Whether you plan on walking down the aisle next month or next year, it would be my pleasure to meet with you and your fiancé for a ‘no cost’ and ‘no obligation’ discussion to get to know each other, and of course talk about the ideas you have envisioned for your wedding ceremony.

Please fill out the form on my “Contact Page” and either myself or my wonderful assistant Beatrice, will get back to you within 24 hours.
Until then, have yourself an incredible day!

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