When we found Mandi, we chose her to marry us because we shared many similar beliefs. In our meeting before hand, we hit it off instantly!

We could tell that she was such a genuine, loving person who chose this career path because of her compassion and positive outlook on life. Our marriage ceremony was amazing and perfect. Her words complimented every second of the love we felt.

Two years later we adopted our first baby. Without hesitation we called Mandi for our baby’s blessing and to renew our vows. We welcomed him into our family and strengthened our bond once again, through an awesome ceremony with the most beautiful words and feelings behind it.

Three years later, when we adopted our second son, we wanted to pay special tribute to our family and marriage once again. We are not sure how, but Mandi outdid herself once again and brought even more love and dedication that we ever expected.

We will call upon Mandi forever as she has brought us unbelievable joy with her amazing spirit and warm presence that we and our guests have felt at every event. Thank you Mandi for coming into our lives!

Chrissy, Matty, Xavier and Canaan

“Rev. Mandi officiated our wedding and everyone commented on how beautiful and touching the ceremony was. When we had our son, we called on Mandi again to officiate a baby blessing ceremony for us. We wanted a ceremony that was more spiritual than religious, and Mandi helped us to customize a ceremony that matched our beliefs and wishes. Again, our families commented on how lovely the baby blessing was and how warm and natural Rev. Mandi is. It is clear that she loves what she does! We whole-heartedly recommend Rev. Mandi to any family looking for a beautiful and personal baby blessing ceremony.” — The Gardiner Family


Rev. Mandi has been such an inspiration to our family. Finding Rev. Mandi was truly one of the best things that has ever happened to us. We got married in May of 2011 and during our first sit down meeting with Mandi, we knew right away that she would be the one uniting us as a family. She did such a wonderful job and we felt so much unconditional love and support from her. We also knew that we wanted to add to our family with another baby. We expressed to Mandi that if our wish came true that we would love to have her do the Blessing Ceremony for our unborn baby.

We became pregnant with our baby girl just a few months after we were married and contacted Rev. Mandi right away to let her know the amazing news. Of course, she was delighted to be a part of our Blessing Ceremony for Chloe. Rev. Mandi baptized Chloe on Sunday July 29th, 2012 and it was such a beautiful (original) and personal ceremony. The feedback from our guests was remarkable! We feel so blessed to have met Mandi and only wish other couples and families the same joy we have shared with her.


Rich, Sandra, Chloe, Nathan, Joshua and Jacob


We met Reverend Mandi in June 2006 in order to plan our backyard wedding for July 22, 2006. My wife and I wanted a spiritual ceremony with our own personal and “tropical” touches and Reverend Mandi delivered what can only be described as the most personal, loving and special wedding ceremony that we could have ever imagined. Thus, our Circle of Life had begun with Reverend Mandi.

Our next stage in our lives, in the fall of 2007, was the Baptism of our two children. Again, our backyard was the home to this touching and emotional ceremony and again, Reverend Mandi, now considered by us, as one of our family, was involved in another part of our Circle of Life.

We once again called on Reverend Mandi to guide us through another stage in our lives; unfortunately, it was to help us through the passing of my wife and my boys Mom, Marianne, who passed on June 7, 2009. Never have we needed be guided in this way and there was no one else who could have guided us, spiritually, through this than Reverend Mandi.

The service delivered by Reverend Mandi was the most beautiful, heartfelt, sincere and personal tribute to and celebration of my wife’s life. The words from Reverend Mandi during the service provided much comfort and strength to all those in attendance and more importantly to me and my boys.

Our Circle of Life had been completed with Reverend Mandi’s loving and compassionate approach. Being able to have personal, spiritual support and guidance throughout our Life Journey, has given us the strength to pursue our next stage, healing, and to build our New Circle of Life.

There is no other Reverend, Minister, Clergy or such that I have encountered in my lifetime, that has made such a positively strong and lasting spiritual impression on our lives. I know that we have, in Reverend Mandi, a friend and family member, who we can look to for guidance, in times of joy and in sorrow. We know that we are fortunate to have been touched by her and to have her in our life.

~ Rob Bowman


I have known Mandi Neiser for several years,  so when my brother passed away unexpectedly it was only natural we asked Mandi to help us by conducting his service. She had only just married my nephew a few months before his death and I was not sure she could do a funeral but “yes” she sure would. Although we knew Mandi her extreme professionalism took over and we were amazed at how hard she worked to obtain the information she needed. It is such a hard time for a parent to have to bury their child and Mandi was there to help my mother through what needed to be done. Her sensitive way and her knowing exactly what to ask us all where extremely comforting. So much so that my mother told my other siblings and I that when her time came please only ask Mandi. Unfortunately my mother’s time came far to soon after my brother’s death and we were faced with yet again another service. Mandi was there for us ready to discuss what we wanted. She arrived at my mother’s apartment with prayers and poems along with suggestions to help us through. Asking just the right questions, she collected the information she needed. When the day of the service arrived, Mandi conducted not just a service but a beautiful touching eulogy. So beautiful that if any of the family members had not spoke anyone would have got a real sense of who my mom was through Mandi. The words of comfort, some funny stories along with just enough religious content more then provided us with the service we wanted for my mom. When last minute changes were thrown in just prior the  service, there was Mandi, ” No problem” she just rearranged her things and calmly went on. Words can not express the thanks we had for Mandi, for giving our mother the best send off possible.!!! She would have been so very please.

~ Janice Pettit


Everyone we talked with absolutely fell in love with our ceremony and had said that they had never experienced anything quite like it and it was as though you had known each of us for years… Hearing what we already knew come to life from paper & the ceremony outline, was so beautiful.  My only regret is that I didn’t have a videographer to tape the day.
We are truly blessed that we found you and you are right, I do believe it was not by chance that we found you.  There is purpose for everyone that crosses paths.

Thank you so much again Mandi!  You are truly an angel to us!

~ Amanda and Renzo


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